Build clustered and scalable Java-based, real-time applications using Spring Framework, Boot, WebSocket, Cassandra, Redis and RabbitMQ. In this book, you’ll tie all this together with a dive-in case study, a real-time scalable chat application under differing scenarios. Pro Java Clustering and Scalability also discusses how to horizontally scale the WebSocket chat application using a full STOMP broker such as RabbitMQ.

Although this is a programming book, it also discusses many interesting infrastructure topics and tips about continuous delivery, Docker, NoSQL (Cassandra and Redis) and other related technologies.

What You’ll Learn

  • Handle clustering and scalability using various open source Java, microservices, and web services tools and technologies
  • Use Spring Framework, Boot, and other Spring technologies
  • Integrate with Redis, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, NoSQL,
  • Test the case study code under various scenarios and stresses

Table of Contents

Part 1: Usage
Chapter 1: Docker
Chapter 2: Prerequisites
Chapter 3: Executing the Project Locally
Chapter 4: Simulating a Conversation
Chapter 5: Setting Up the Development Environment

Part 2: Architecture
Chapter 6: Understanding the Relationship Between Domain and Architecture
Chapter 7: Introduction to NoSQL
Chapter 8: The Spring Framework
Chapter 9: WebSocket
Chapter 10: Spring WebSocket
Chapter 11: Single-Node Chat Architecture
Chapter 12: Multinode Chat Architecture
Chapter 13: Horizontally Scaling Stateful Web Applications

Part 3: Code by Feature
Chapter 14: Changing the Application Language
Chapter 15: Login
Chapter 16: New Account
Chapter 17: New Chat Room
Chapter 18: Joining the Chat Room
Chapter 19: Sending a User’s Public Messages over WebSocket
Chapter 20: Sending a User’s Private Messages over WebSocket

Part 4: Testing the Code
Chapter 21: Lazy Deployments vs. Fast Deployments
Chapter 22: Continuous Delivery
Chapter 23: Types of Automated Tests
Chapter 24: Unit Tests
Chapter 25: Integration Tests
Chapter 26: Splitting Unit Tests from Integration Tests Using Maven Plug-ins
Chapter 27: Continuous Integration Server

Book Details

Title: Pro Java Clustering and Scalability
Author: Jorge Acetozi
Length: 149 pages
Edition: 1st ed.
Language: English
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: 2017-09-11
ISBN-10: 1484229843
ISBN-13: 9781484229842