The second edition of this popular book presents the theory of graphs from an algorithmic viewpoint. The authors present the graph theory in a rigorous, but informal style and cover most of the main areas of graph theory. The ideas of surface topology are presented from an intuitive point of view. We have also included a discussion on linear programming that emphasizes problems in graph theory. The text is suitable for students in computer science or mathematics programs.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Graphs And Their Complements
Chapter 2: Paths And Walks
Chapter 3: Subgraphs
Chapter 4: Some Special Classes Of Graphs
Chapter 5: Trees And Cycles
Chapter 6: The Structure Of Trees
Chapter 7: Connectivity
Chapter 8: Graphs And Symmetry
Chapter 9: Alternating Paths And Matchings
Chapter 10: Network Flows
Chapter 11: Hamilton Cycles
Chapter 12: Digraphs
Chapter 13: Graph Colorings
Chapter 14: Planar Graphs
Chapter 15: Graphs And Surfaces
Chapter 16: The Klein Bottle And The Double Torus
Chapter 17: Linear Programming
Chapter 18: The Primal-Dual Algorithm
Chapter 19: Discrete Linear Programming

Book Details

Title: Graphs, Algorithms, and Optimization, 2nd Edition
Author: Donald L. Kreher, William Kocay
Length: 566 pages
Edition: 2
Language: English
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
Publication Date: 2016-09-26
ISBN-10: 1482251167
ISBN-13: 9781482251166